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Since my boyfriend Moritz and I started an instragram account together, I’d like to share some of our thoughts on here as well. We aim to share differents ways to approach life, to see things, to communicate and to respect others, no matter what relationship you have to them.

We are more than happy if you take a look and share your thoughts with us while leaving a comment! 🙂

OH CANADA // We were celebrating Canada Day yesterday because it is a moment of history when different states became one country. It could be a bank holiday like every other, but it’s a special day and the unique thing about it is that people are proud. Everyone is. Even people, that are not originally born here. It’s a feeling between all inhabitants in Canada, no matter where they are from. For us, especially as Germans, this is remarkable and something that’s really impressive. Meeting our landlords that morning – immigrants – and the first thing they say is ”Happy Canada Day.” The country obviously did something right by accomplishing this type of pride. 

CONNECT // There are these days when you can feel the universe with you. When you step out of your bubble, curious but not willing to leave your comfort zone at the same time, and then something happens. I was volunteering the other day with Delivering Happiness Project, which a dear friend of ours started to help low-income families eat better food. It was on a Sunday morning, relatively early, and I would have loved to stay in bed and get some sleep. As soon as I got in the car to meet all the other volunteers and get the plant-based burger patties ready, I could feel that something changed. When good people gather good people, there is this magic about to happen. And guess what, I ended up in a car and team with a man that is as much into personal development as I am, trying to figure out what to do next and how to help more people on their journey of personal growth. I was thinking a lot about how to find people on the same route, and it’s not too easy, even though Vancouver has a lot of spiritual souls and mindful people. I know there is no such thing called coincidence – thanks for that friendly reminder.

WE ARE ONE // I was about to call this post „culture“, but when I thought about it, I realized this is not what we want to talk about. The last months showed us even more that it’s about a global group of people living on this planet called earth. We may have different preferences in terms of religion or lifestyle, but there is no difference in us being human. That’s what we experience in Vancouver: a colourful potpourri of humans, able to respect and welcome each other, to be curious about peoples beliefs and approaches. Every one of us is dealing with similar feelings such as fear, negative beliefs or grief as well as joy, hope and courage. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Two weeks ago we were part of this beautiful wedding celebrating beautiful people. It was a broad mix of guests from different countries, not only because the bride and groom together have 3 cultures in their blood. It turned out to be even more special: a great combination of people whose focus is not about the differences, but about what we all have in common: Love. 

NEXT CHAPTER // Two weeks ago we moved into our first apartment! No shared flats anymore, everything is ours and, most important, a place we can call home. This is something we dreamed of for months, almost a year – you can imagine how happy we are. The search was intense as we saw a few places that weren’t what we expected, but for the same rent. Getting accepted for an apartment without a proper job isn’t easy as well. Thanks to the people around us that believe in us, especially in Moritz, who made it happen that a fantastic reference helped us to convince just a few days before we would have been ending up on streets. Now we enjoy our place with this deep feeling of thankfulness and a happy heart day-in-day-out.

HOW DO WE PERCEIVE TIME // While Moritz’ Dad was here, and also afterwards, we talked a lot about the perception of time. How fast time can go and how long certain moments can feel. 10 days was quite a perfect time to realize the different feelings and perceptions since it feels so treasuring to spend time with your loved ones, especially when you know the days are going by. On the other hand, it is so hard to say goodbye when you don’t know when you will meet again and what happens in between. The fear of health problems, in particular, is something which gets present more and more when parents get older or just move on to the next stage of life. We try to hold on to moments instead of letting go. We can’t stop the march of time and that has a reason: time gets valuable not until it is limited. This aspect scares us because it feels like we are not in control of things, but so is life. 

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